Scripture Studies

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St. Mel Scripture & Religious Study Program

Registration for the Fall 2022 Scripture and Religious Study Program will be held after all masses the weekend of August 20th & 21st.
Studies offered are:
Mary: The Bible and The Mother of God - 8 week class
Tuesday 9:30AM   and  Wednesday 6:30PM
Evangelization and Acts of the Apostles - 10 week class
Tuesday 6:30PM 
St. Ignatius Loyola and Bartolone las Casas - 4 week class
Tuesday 6:30PM
Classes will start the week of September 19, 2022
Cost for each study to be collected at registration is $10.00. 
The cost may be higher if paid after the order is placed.
If you have any questions please contact Karen 916-202-0606 or Cheryl 916-342-1336