Altar Servers


Are you interested in becoming an Altar Server for St. Mel Parish?

Altar Servers

Who can be an Altar Server? 

Anyone who...

  • is in 5th – 12th grade
  • has been Baptized
  • has received their First Holy Communion
  • is mature enough to understand the responsibilities and carry them out with appropriate reverence.

What do I need to do?

Discuss your desire to become an Altar Server with your parent/guardian.  Download this letter and form and have your parent/guardian return the completed form to [email protected] or to the Parish Office.  Training is ongoing throughout the year.

When can I start to serve?

You will need to receive some training.  After a few training sessions you will begin serving with more experienced Altar Servers at daily Masses (8:30am weekdays or 8:30am Saturdays).  After three daily/Saturday Masses, you will be added to the Sunday Mass Schedule.

Why should I become an Altar Server?

To be an Altar Server is a special honor and great privilege in the Catholic Church.  As an Altar Server, you have an important role in the celebration of Holy Mass and are an asset to the priests and parish community.  In committing to this ministry, you truly participate in the Eucharist.  You learn the order of the Mass, the aspects of the sanctuary and the various altar vessels used in the Mass.  Through your role as an Altar Server, you contribute to the Body of Christ present in our parish.  This time of service can help form your future vocation, whether you are called to be a priest or religious (this can be a fundamental step in your journey), or called to family life (where you experience service and foster a love of our faith).